The vital signs it’s time to restart your romance with

Restart your romance with Salesforce

Managing relationships can be a tricky business, and no doubt that’s what was behind the initial decision to bring in in the first place. Bringing in a CRM tool was supposed to make everything fall into place right…

How is that working out for you now?

We’ve seen a lot of organisations doing business on the cloud platform and unfortunately for some, it can be a doomed love affair. After the initial honeymoon period (‘Oh my goodness, I could gaze at these dashboards all day etc’), there can be a period of frustration (‘WHY WON’T THIS WORKFLOW WORK!?).

Perhaps you didn’t communicate what you wanted from the beginning. Maybe you hoped that Salesforce would magically change and become the CRM you’ve always wanted. Before we start the blame assignment, let’s take a look at the sure signs that it might be time to start over.

The vital signs that you need to consider restarting your romance with

Everyone else seems to be having more fun than you are, and you’re getting bitter

When you go to the Salesforce World Tour and see other organisations presenting their success stories on the platform, you feel a sense of sadness (and annoyance that your life isn’t all hearts and flowers on You are missing out, and that’s a bad feeling.

You’ve lost your confidence in your figure(s)

That’s to say, you’ve just been been asked to report back on your campaign ROI over the last 6 months, yet somehow you just don’t feel sure that the report you’re getting is really in shape.

You’ve been seeing your ex

Yes yes yes, you should have eyes for only…But, it’s so much quicker to whizz this information into an Excel spreadsheet, and get the job done. So familiar, so comfortable.

You just can’t see what the future holds

Where are you going to take this thing next? Too many possibilities, and you need to pick the right option. Should you think about marketing automation, or are Salesforce Communities going to be the real game changer? Sometimes, making the next step is just too stressful.

You never talk anymore

Chatter used to be your best friend. Everything you needed to know was right there in your feed. Until one day the chat just stopped. Tumbleweed, silence. Everyone seems to have left the conversation and it’s not so much fun anymore, chatting on your own.

Moments of pure joy are few and far between.

Remember that time when you just felt literally giddy with the excitement when you thought about what this technology was doing for your business? Had that feeling recently?

Didn’t think so.

Can you relate to any of the signs above? It doesn’t have to be that way! Come and tell us your troubles and don’t be shy, because we’ve heard it all before. The good news is that it’s never too late to rekindle your romance with the Salesforce platform. The technology you fell in love with in the beginning is still there, waiting to be rediscovered. Are you ready to RESTART?

Screen-Shot-2016-02-03-at-09.00.46Download our guide to ‘Starting over with Salesforce’ today, and start getting your love affair back on track.

By Mike Spencer
10 February 2021
SalesforceThe Good Systems Blog

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