Top Tips from the past year – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #51

business designIt’s been nearly a year since I posted my first blog on the Desynit website. That’s 50 blogs posts based on a variety of cloud based technologies all of which were designed to provide you with the latest news, tips and do’s and don’ts on technologies that are becoming more and more familiar in our working lives. But which of these blog posts have been the most popular with you guys?

This week I  shall take a look back at some of the most popular blog posts as voted by you with your views.

 Salesforce Task Integration – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #11

Ah, yes. The power of integration. If you are a Google Apps and Salesforce user then this tip is for you. Cirrus Insights integrates these two cloud technologies enabling you to carry out one of Salesforce strongest feature (amongst others) – Tasks. Here you will find out how to create, relate and assign tasks in Salesforce without having to leave you Gmail. This is useful should you receive an email with an action e.g. call Jo tomorrow.

Spanning Backup: Google Apps Search and Restore – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #33

Here I step into the wonderful world of data backup with Spanning Backup. This tip focuses mainly on the Google Apps search and the restore feature that Spanning offers to protect your companies data.  So for peace of mind when it comes to the protection of your documents and emails why not check out this tip.

Google Drive: 4 tips and tricks you didn’t know you could do – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #39

This blog post is great as it provides you with 4 tips and tricks that you may not have known were possible inside a Google Document. With Google’s Drive constant updates and added hacks it can only be too easy to lose touch with some of its features. So why not take a look at some of the great features you could be missing out on?

Sync your Google and Salesforce Calendars – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #22

Here we’re back with Cirrus Insight and the integration technologies. This tip walks you through how to enable the sync feature in Cirrus Insight which enables the user to sync their Google Calendar to Salesforce (and vice versa). Not only is this available in the browser, but you can also sync those Google Calendars events to your mobile device making events viewable and editable on the go. If you want a solution to your Salesforce and Google Calendar then this tip is for you.

Sharing a Google Doc with a Non-Google Account User – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #8

So, here we have it, the second most popular blog on the Desynit website and rightly so. The ability to share a Google Document with a non Google Apps user has been simplified over the past year, from 3 different sharing methods down to just 1. If you want to find out how simply it is to share a document click the link above to begin collaborating with your clients and contacts.

These are just 5 of the 50 blogs published to the my weekly tips page so if you want more then check them out here.

Or if you want more information on cloud technologies and what they can do for your business why not pop Desynit’s  Shaun Holmes a call.

I’ll see you next week.


By Jenny Bamber
14 August 2014
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