We’ve come a long way – business systems and the birth of Salesforce


In the beginning, there were typewriters, pigeonholes, and memos. Businesses operated to the sounds of the return key and the rustle of reams of papers.

The first of the big business system empires was born in 1981 when Bill Gates and Microsoft shared a vision — a personal computer on every desk, software for everyone and universal access for all.

A brave new world

Never mind that it was the same business systems for everyone, and one size had to fit all — Microsoft’s empire started to grow. The world liked the new vision more than typewriters, pigeonholes and memos.

The kingdom of Oracle threatened, yet still Microsoft ruled supreme. But the world of business systems moved on. And more contenders fought for the throne.

In the early 1990s, brave young start-up Netscape started working on the concept of a “web browser” replacing an operating system like Windows. Amazon and Yahoo were already introducing a new web-based way of life to customers, and the winds of change blew stronger.

The dream of a better future

Then in 1998, Marc Benioff, a knight from Oracle had a momentous dream. The vision came to him in his sleep — a tabbed browser. This was the beginning of Software as a Service (SAAS). Can you imagine a world without it now?

The kingdom grew and grew. From this original simple dream, an incredible system has developed.

And so it came to pass, from his rented apartment in San Francisco in 1999, Benioff started the outlying principality of Salesforce, with the goal of making enterprise software as easy to use as a website and available to all.

A new way of working

In the new kingdom of Salesforce, business systems would be democratic. They would be available on a pay-per-user basis and they would be accessible from any mobile device.

What’s more, they would offer regular upgrades but would require no installation or maintenance.  This was a radical vision.

The kingdom grew and grew. From this simple beginning, an incredible system has developed. The basic foundations hold firm, but it has become more complex — delivering greater benefits for all.

Today, the AppExchange is the fastest growing region in the business kingdom, engineering powerful thinking into applications that can sharpen operations. Technological speed of change is such that the systems can offer more and more to individual businesses.

In the kingdom of Salesforce, the system fits you; you don’t have to pigeon hole yourself into a system.

Be the master of your domain

You can be master in this incredible Kingdom, with all the wonders it has to offer. But to make the most of its riches, you need a guide — someone who has surveyed the entire land, and who understands the terrain.

You need a mentor who understands your business and the pinnacles you need to reach; someone who can accompany you along the smoothest and most profitable routes until you can safely set up camp and make the Salesforce Kingdom your own.

Take the next step

Salesforce is an investment that can make a huge difference to your business. But don’t invest time, money, and effort, and watch it fail. Make it work for you.

For more information on how to make Salesforce work for your business download our free guide or give us a call.

By Amy Grenham
4 October 2013
SalesforceThe Good Systems Blog

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