Why be a Salesforce Administrator? – Jenny’s Admin Tip #9

goodadminSo I worked out that I spend an average of 6 hours, 5 day a week with my head in the cloud. That’s a total of 120 hours a month and 1,440 hours a year. Now that’s a whole lot of cloud, thankfully with no altitude sickness. So lets bring it back down to earth to explain why? In not so many words I am a Salesforce Administrator at Desynit Ltd and have been for 1 year. During that time the role got me thinking and I asked myself ‘why be a Salesforce Administrator’?

The answer was surprisingly simple: –

Why be a Salesforce Administrator?- All clicks and no code.

You could say that a Salesforce Administrator is the cloud hero behind your CRM. They will defend, support and build to make your customer service environment/platform indestructible. They spend most of their time enabling growth, analysing, supporting, configuring, they’re best buddies with ‘good’ data (or their enemy is bad data) and aim to provide the best possible security for both your colleagues and customers. With that in mind who wouldn’t want to be a cloud hero?

However, despite all the hero qualities that an admin can give to its users, there are a whole number of others reasons as to why one would be a Salesforce Administrator.

Time to grow – It’s Career Building

A career is Salesforce gets you a cross-departmental seat at the table of larger organisations, or gets you into smaller businesses in a freelance role. And the best part?  Salesforce is a future proofed career, this technically is not going away and  it’s only going to see deeper market penetration, which means your job has the potential to move forward.

It’s Collaborative – Be part of the Salesforce Community

With 1, 547, 451 current members (and growing), you are certainly not alone. The Salesforce Community enables collaboration between your employees, customers, partners, suppliers etc.. Here you can post questions, find answers, share ideas and much more with fellow community customer, partners and Salesforce experts.

Change is good – Innovation on Demand

Admins stay ahead of the game. With three releases a year, the Spring, Summer and Winter edition, the Salesforce org is constantly updating and keeping up with users ideas. As a Salesforce Admins you will get the awesome  opportunity to get a test drive and login to the pre-release environments , for free! This provides admins with ample time to test and play with the new features to see which ones best suit the company before anyone else.

The added extras- It’s Fun!

The biggie that sticks out for everyone is the annual, week long Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. With over 80 sessions designed to make administrators even more successful it was a hot calendar date that no admin wanted to miss out on. But if you were unable to attend this event then you can always be apart of the 194 Salesforce user groups around the world taking place throughout the year. In particular London’s very own Salesforce Admin User Group!

Oh and one more thing. Once you’ve passed your Salesforce Administrator Certification exam you get a nice shiny badge to attach to your social media avatar.

These are just a few reason why one should be a Salesforce Administrator and of course there are many more out there. What’s your reason?

If you would like more information on Salesforce why not contact Desynit’s Shaun Holmes, leave a comment below or tweet @jenny_bamber and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

See you next week.


By Jenny Bamber
20 November 2014
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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