Will the Force be strong with you in 2016?

A new episode

The big day has almost arrived. That’s right, the new Star Wars film ‘The Force Awakens’ launches tomorrow, after years of anticipation. If you are anything like the people at Desynit, the Force will no doubt be pretty strong right now, as you count down the final hours until you can see the film for yourself.

As you can see, we had one more epic space battle to bring to you first, currently being fought by the great and the good across a galaxy near you. You might say it’s the beginning of a new episode for us here at Desynit too.

And new website coming in January 2016

We’ll bring you a lot more in the New Year, when we launch our new, innovation-focused website. We’ve seen over and over that smart innovation is a sure route to competitive edge for large organisations. Laser sharp new products and category defining projects delivered ahead of the curve – that’s what separates the organisations that fly from the ones that sink. Salesforce is a powerful and flexible platform; to get the best from it you need to push it to its limits.

Innovation requires specialized technical skills, agility, speed and flexible thinking. Size is an asset when it comes to most business functions, but it’s hard to innovate when you’re tied up delivering BAU, or locked into a rigid organizational structure. Innovation flourishes when you make it your mission, and that’s where Desynit come in.

We use the power of Salesforce.com to deliver the innovative projects and products that take you to the next level. Plugged into the Salesforce community, we’re firm believers in the power of partnerships to strengthen organisations. Highly skilled and experienced at delivering successful projects across all major business technology platforms, we can help you deliver the technically pioneering business project that will define where your organisation goes next.

Let’s play to our strengths. May the Force be with you in 2016.
By Amy Grenham
16 December 2015
BusinessThe Good Systems Blog

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