Your Salesforce Admin Hangouts at Dreamforce 15 – Jenny’s Admin Tip #37

dreamforceLogoCountdown time again and with 33 days to go I already have an appetite for all the yummy sessions, keynotes and people that are going to be at the event. Which brings me to this weeks blog – glorious food.

With all the walking (or running) from session to session, talking to all your community peers, playing with all the cool gadgets in the expos and rocking out at the Gala, you are certainly going to want something other than canapés, coffee, fruit etc to keep you going from morning to night. The beauty about Dreamforce? The location! San Fran has a plethora of venues for you to ‘crab’ a bite to eat.

As you know, I have never been to Dreamforce nor San Francisco for that matter. So my question to the Salesforce experts this week is ‘Where are the best hangouts outside of the Dreamforce expo?’ The answers look delicious!


If you are not taking advantage of the on-campus breakfast, there are a number of American Diners that you can grab a bite from, but there are two that stand out to our peers –  Ryan Headley, MVP,  – “Loves” Mel’s Diner, as does Amber Boaz who “always has at least one breakfast there.” Then there is the popular Lori’s 24 hour Diner where you may see the likes of Steve Mo hanging out at.


Coming in as a tie we have Pearl Burger and Super Duper Burger, both of which are really close to the Moscone centre and are reasonably priced. They are also ‘AMAZING’ according to Pearl Burger connoisseurs Christopher Lewis and Chris Edwards!  I know I will certainly be grabbing a bite there for sure! Who’s in?

Or if burger isn’t your thing then take MVPs – Amber Boaz, lunch time choice of falafel at Oasis.


If you haven’t managed to grab any food at one of the happy hours, then there are some great restaurants to go to mooch on over to. Fancy Pizza? Then ‘Uncle Vitos’ is great according to Ryan. Or head over to Mortons Steak House – Simon advice would be to “take a loan out first.” Which can only mean one thing – GOOD STEAK!

If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds then Geraldine Gray – MVP,  has just the place for you – “Nopa is one of my favourite restaurants (go hungry all day then sit at the bar or community table and order the pork chop).”

Happy hours

There are lots of ‘not so secret’ after parties to attend  that I am sure you are aware of, but the the Appirio customer event party, is “way more fun and social”, according to Geraldine, who also advises on heading over to the AppBash (Wednesday, 16th Sept, 7pm-1am at the Metreon) if you can squeeze it in.

However, if you are wanting to head out into San Fran and sit at a bar with your community peers, pick any happy hour, but after that, Ryan advises heading over to Pandora Karaoke bar. Beware there are a lot of your peers hogging the mic. Or  if you want to find me then I will most certainly be in this place thanks to Simon Lawrence recommendation – Tonga (they have a band playing on a boat in the middle of a swimming pool and your cocktail comes in a coconut)!

Fan of Steve Mo? – just visit any place that sells Pliny the Elder (not sure how popular that is out in San Fran, so hopefully you won’t have you go to too many bars to find him 😉 )

If you are after more places to grab food then take a look at the Dreamforce list 2014 here.

See you next week.


By Jenny Bamber
13 August 2015
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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