What to look for in a Salesforce partner

So many Salesforce partners, so much choice. How do you choose the right one? When it comes to delivering technically complex, innovative projects on the Salesforce platform, your choice of partner is going to have the biggest influence on your level of success.  The problem is that there are plenty of outsourced partners out there who...

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How to integrate with PayPal

When you need to integrate with PayPal If your business model means that you need to make variable payments to individuals from your platform, then you might want to think about integrating with PayPal. Let’s say for example that your business is to run a website providing information and reviews on where to get a good...

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How do you benchmark your progress on Salesforce?

Digital Transformation on the platform

So how are you getting on with the digital transformation of your business? Have you got it cracked? Maybe halfway there, or at least doing better than your competitors. Perhaps you are not really off the blocks yet? It’s impossible to answer a question this wide. What’s more, the answer you get will depend on...

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Start with strategy

Digital Business Strategy

Having a ‘strategy for digital’ nowadays is a little like having a strategy for people. Or problems. Or processes.

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