How does our Salesforce Support service help your business (really)?

Salesforce Support Service

How does having Salesforce Support help your business (really)?

‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

We all loved The IT Crowd, it’s true, but it did not do a huge heap to promote the benefits of IT support. Sub-basic advice from a team that didn’t bother disguising their contempt for their clients –  It’s enough to put you off getting in touch with the helpdesk for ever more.

Comedy gold? Yes. True to life? No. We can safely say that we’ve never yet answered a Salesforce Support Case yet by asking whether our customer had tried the off switch. It’s worth taking a look at who support is for, what really does happen when we support a customer on Salesforce, and how it benefits their business.

Who is our Salesforce support service for?

With a three-tiered support offering, our aim is to provide a service that works for any organisation using Salesforce. And our Support customer profiles are pretty varied e.g. you might be:-

  • A small organisation operating without an in-house Salesforce Administrator, but a fairly straightforward set up on the platform
  • Possibly you have a qualified Salesforce team in-house but they are just too busy to cover all the requests coming from the business
  • Maybe as a business you’ve invested quite heavily in the platform and recognise that to get real value from your licence fees, you need consistent access to expertise to meet your ambitious growth plans.
What do we actually do for our customers?

There are two main strands to support. First of all, we solve our clients Salesforce problems at hand. Here are a few examples of cases that have come in recently to our support team:-

  • Is there a feature in Salesforce to alert the user to the fact that an account is operating outside of credit terms, and that would stop any further transactions taking place? If so can you install, test and deploy?
  • The sync between Salesforce and MailChimp is not working correctly. Can you please investigate and resolve?
  • I need to deactivate all permissions for a number of Salesforce Users who have left the business.
  • Can you set up a dashboard that gives the team a view of which team members are working on an engagement, and how many days each team member has booked on that engagement?

Secondly, we work with our customers to help them improve what they have, in terms of optimising their Salesforce set up. This might mean getting to grips with the latest Salesforce release notes and then sending through a report on what new features will be of benefit. Recently we’ve been talking to customers who have yet to make the transition to Lightning about making the switch e.g. obtaining a Readiness Report, how to train users, what to expect and how to troubleshoot etc.

So that’s what support really looks like, with one of our Salesforce services packages. If you would like to know more, we’ve covered some more common questions on our Salesforce Support FAQs page.  We’ve also added some links to more resources at the end of this blog. The bottom line however is that our Support packages are all about helping customers get more from their Salesforce licences, work more effectively on the platform and as a result, get more from their business.

And that cannot be achieved by turning it off and on again.

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Salesforce Support Service
By Amy Grenham
8 October 2018
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