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Major Enhancements for Global Management Consultancy BTS

For BTS,
2018 onwards

BTS know the importance of having real time data to back up big decisions: this management and training consultancy work with Fortune 100 companies to help them make good strategic decisions based on great business information. With 30 BTS offices operating worldwide it was imperative they brought all of their business operational data onto one platform. Using Salesforce Lightning components, they now have their own critical business information at their fingertips in the form of a set of quickly configurable dashboards and reports.

“I came to Desynit as they are a team of experts. The fact that they had MVPs in the delivery team meant that they were keeping up to date with all platform announcements. – Ross Crooke, BTS”
The challenge

BTS is a management consultancy powered by great data: they run decision outcome simulations to model how their clients’ choices will pan out across various scenarios. These simulations enable business leaders to make decisions in a risk-free environment, experience critical interdependencies, execute best practices, and test the levers they can use to optimize their company’s key performance indicators.

Across 30 office locations there was a universal need for the kind of accurate data leaders require to make timely and well informed decisions.

Centralisation, not automation

Previously it would have taken at least a few days to go into javascript code and change the dates at every point they appeared, to reflect the new financial quarter. Once the Salesforce dashboard was in place, they only needed to update the dates once, at one single point.

Managing viewing access to reports

Who sees what data is a huge priority for a business such as BTS. In the former system, it would have been necessary to hard code in the names of the people who could access each report (in 20,000 lines of code). Once the platform was the central source however, the data viewing rights (by individual or by group) could all be managed centrally, efficiently and accurately.

The solutions

The key to the work at BTS lay in the fact that they needed more than a sealed ‘black box’ of automated data production. They still needed to be hands on with the business information available, so where necessary he was able to quickly customise the reports to hand. However, at the same time, he needed an approach that did not require producing yet more lines of code. The answer was for them to keep hold of the manual controls, but in the form of one centralised point of update. So that’s what Desynit built for them – one central page where all of the critical information could be accessed and manipulated as required. Constructed on the platform with Visualforce, these controls then fed directly into custom configured Lightning components to produce business-ready dashboards and reports.

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Project features

Process Improvement
Reporting & Dashboards
Project outcomes

Reporting at BTS has been transformed in terms of the possibilities for customisation and the ease of use. While the management team had previously relied on compiled monthly data reporting in 30 different ways, now they had access to this same data in one set of standardised reports. The Salesforce Lightning components allow BTS to customise and change reports quickly, as required, across different business units but always with reference to the same data set as the source.

Key team members

““Initial outcomes are that work is much easier and people are much happier!” “Administration and finance time has improved, and management time is more efficient. The numbers always match.””
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