10 Apps, 10 years – ‘Appy Birthday AppExchange! – Jenny’s Admin Tip #47


Nothing quite says Happy Birthday better than bringing to light some of the delightful Apps that have made the AppExchange so wonderful.

So here are some of my favourite apps, and if you haven’t yet had your Salesforce paws on them, then today is a perfect time to.


With the no1 eSignature tool on the AppExchange, Docusign enables you, your users and customers to close deals at rocket speed and keep your CRM records up-to-date with workflows – effectively making your customers happy whilst increasing compliance and accuracy to your data. We sure are believers of this fab app at Desynit, especially with it’s ease of installation, setup, usability and accessibility in Salesforce!

To wave bye-bye  to printing, faxing and snail mail and to say hello to convenient anytime, anywhere, on any web enabled device, document signing for your customers then check out the AWESOME Docusign app here and read some of the 4 thousand reviews that they app has received thus far. We enjoyed a 23% increase in turnaround time for our contract signing, we would love to hear how Docusign reduced yours.

 Opportunity Push Counter

What may seem like a big problem for your pipelines has a very simply solution. If you find that your opportunities dates are being pushed back, and your pipelines are being affected as a result, the Opportunity Push Counter has the answer for you!

A simple app that packs a punch. It has to be one of my favourites! Let it be yours too 🙂


Got an campaign event coming up and need a way track the event in Salesforce in a quick, effective and easy way? Well say hello to Eventbrite! As users of this app, we at Desynit love it! I mean with the ability to; import and sync event data into Salesforce from Eventbrite; create events and associate them with the relevant campaign; custom mapping allowing full control of data between Eventbrite and Salesforce?!

From experience, it is easy to use (the sync functionality is quick and effective), and the relevant data sits nicely on your campaign page providing you with the relevant information on the relevant campaign!

What’s an event if you can’t track and manage it in Salesforce, ey? Go on give it a go – it’s free!

Mass Update

Clicking through records one by one and updating a specific field can not only be time consuming, but quite frankly dull. This handy Mass update and edit duo tool is not only available for admins, but standard users can use it too. And with it’s easy step by step process, modifying records from any filter view or related list is a doddle for all. Out of the box, Mass update and edit supports the following; Campaign, Lead, Account, Opportunity, Contract, Case, Product, Solution and Assets, however to reap the rewards of this productivity product you can also add it to any custom object in your organisation.

Go on. Give yourself some time back with this fab app!


As a company that uses Dotmailer, we know that nothing brings you the power of email marketing and marketing automation in Salesforce better than Dotmailer. Going for just over 15 years, Dotmailer have managed to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce making the data for Sales and Marketing team centralised and allowing you to; Create and automate dynamic content-driven- email campaigns, harness data by viewing campaign analytics and reports and track your customers with tracks on opens, clicks, opt-outs, etc. All this and much more in a user friendly UI. It is worth noting this app is not free,however if you are a non-profit organisation discounts can be applied.

Want to work together better, smarter and faster?  Then get your mits on this fab app!

Salesforce Adoption Dashboards

This is one of the most popular apps in the AppExchange. So if you are not already using Salesforce Adoption Dashboards then WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? With 42 reports, 6 custom fields, 3 Dashboards, 1 Dashboard Folder and 1 Report Folder built to provide you information on; Login history and trending; Sales and Marketing performances and more, your company’s adoption just got to a higher level!

Back away from the report/dashboard builder, when it comes to your Business stats with Salesforce, the AppExchange has it covered.


iContact is another fantastic email marketing app, however this time this one is free as pricing is based on site license; there is no per-user fee. iContact, going since 2009, is entirely native to Salesforce so you can; create, personalise (using Salesforce custom fields), send and track emails; retrieve stats by running reports on your leads and contacts; 600+ pre-defined templates and possibly the best feature – unlimited number of emails that sent be sent per day!

Want ongoing and meaningful relationships with your contacts? iContact is for you!


Hands up if you have lots of files and folders in your cloud storage platform and are forever losing track of where things are? Hands up if want a tool that not only works seamlessly with your existing cloud storage e.g. DropBox, Google Drive but also allows your users to find, share and organise your documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more, right there in the relevant Salesforce record? If both of your hands are up, then the Cloudfind app could be for you!

Cloudfind gives Salesforce users the quickest, simplest route to the their relevant documents  right now. Stop digging through folder trees and click here for more information about this FANTASTIC app.


Admins, if you’re looking for a different approach to Email Integration then look no further than Ebsta. Having seen this amazing App is action, there is so much to love about it. Not only does it integrate your inbox with SF, but it does so by unlocking the power of your company network, from any browser, any device and any inbox! Free for the first 3 installs and then $10 /user/month click here to see why I love Ebsta and to see how you can love this amazing app too!


Looking for an app that can manage your communications more effectively? Well look no further than CloudCall. Offering a CTI solution you are able to; Click to Dial directly from Salesforce, log and record calls with playbacks; monitor user performance with reports; manage communications with Salesforce1. The best part is that it works on ANY phone system! Low costs and effective client communication all from Salesforce? What more could you want!

Not quite sure, then sign up to a 14 day free trial, I have a feeling you’ll be lasting a lot longer than that 🙂

 I hope you enjoy these apps and more!

See you next week.


By Jenny Bamber
14 January 2016
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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