Advice on Becoming Certified at Dreamforce – Jenny’s Admin Tip #36


Countdown time again. Only 6 weeks to go before you leave on a jet plane to join your Salesforce Community at the biggest event of the year in San Francisco.

We all have our own goals for attending Dreamforce and the event certainly goes that extra mile to ensure that those goals are reached. From HOT(hands on training)  like ‘Automate Your Business Process with Visual Flow’ to presentations like  ‘The Growing Role of the Salesforce Admin’ – we  know there are a plethora of opportunities for you to learn at Dreamforce.

With the release of the Agenda Builder earlier this week, you may have all you HOT/sessions/keynotes booked? Booking these session basically means that you have provided yourself the best opportunity to gain the most amount of knowledge based around the topics of your choosing. Which brings me to this weeks topic – learning.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring something back to show for all the knowledge that you have learnt at Dreamforce? Say in the form of a certificate? Well the event provides the perfect opportunity for you to improve your skill set  by getting trained and then becoming certified with half price classes, in half the time, at #DF15.

Not sure if you want to take on the added pressure by taking exams at Dreamforce? Well hopefully some advice from the Dreamforce Veterans’ can help make your mind up.

Prep, exam, celebrate.

Jennifer Wobser, MVP,  provides some great advice on becoming certified at Dreamforce – “If it were me, I’d arrive before Dreamforce started and take any classes or tests prior to the start of the event. This way, you still have a chance for quiet inside and outside your hotel room for studying.”

I hear you Jennifer and so does Salesforce as this has been made possible thanks to the Training and Certification combos with Salesforce University.  These enable you to train and sit the exam prior to the Dreamforce event. So less worrying and more whooping during the event  For more information click here.

It just makes sense – logistically.

Chris Edwards, co host of the London Admin User Group and, advice on becoming certified –  “It’s a great opportunity to get a certification under your belt – the logistics are well set up and depending on where you’re travelling from you get some ‘free’ revision time on the plane. That said, it can be tough to fly straight in, have a jet-lagged night and then rock up for an exam first thing the next day, so make sure you’re well prepared before you arrive”

Loving the flight tip – 15 hours from the UK to San Fran is plenty of time to cram in some extra revise.

The Price is right.

Steve Mo, Success Community legend and Amber Boaz, MVP, both agree that price wise it just makes sense! Steve –  “DO IT!!!  Take advantage of the training sessions and the reduced pricing.”

Yes, reduced pricing means you get to sit the exam half price. Taking on the training at the Salesforce University also means you get to sit the exam in half  the time too.

It’s yours, FOREVER!

Geraldine Gray, MVP GirlyGeeks creator, provides some fab’ advice on becoming certified at #DF15 –  “Just do it! Once you have your cert no one will take it away.” Geraldine, I don’t think I could have said it better myself 🙂

My advice on becoming certified is to just go for it.  Take advantage of gaining the relevant knowledge from your peers and experts, do the HOTs, workshops and mini-hacks. Take advantage of  Salesforce University reduced pricing and quick exam times. But most of all DON’T WORRY about failing – most of us do first time round 😉 .

Hopefully, this has helped make your mind up on whether to take on the mighty certs at #DF15 this year. Good Luck!

See you next week.


For more information on ‘The Growing Role of the Salesforce Admin’ you can reach out to session holder @NimbostratusCo

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By Jenny Bamber
6 August 2015
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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