Sharing a Google Doc with a Non-Google Account User – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #8

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Most of us have data in Google Drive that we need to share with colleagues or clients, whether it be  Google Slides for tomorrows client meeting, a Google Sheet to accounts or a Document to your team. But, what if you need to share information with clients who do not have a Google Account?

With Google Drives Sharing capabilities you can share files easily and securely without having to download and attach files to emails or signing up to a Google Account.

So lets see how simple it is to share your files with a non-Google user.

1. Simple open your Google Document and or select the tick box next to the file in your My Drive.

2. Click the More option and select Share.

3. Enter the email address of the person you would like to share the document with and select their permissions; Can edit, Can comment, Can view.

4. Select Yes to confirm the invite and then finish by clicking Done.

Once you share the document your invitees will be able to access the Doc in edit or view mode without being asked to sign in.

If you would like more information on Google Apps or our other Cloud Services visit our Business Apps page or contact Desynit’s Shaun Holmes.

Get sharing and see you next week for Tip #9!

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By Jenny Bamber
14 October 2013
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