A Salesforce Admins Christmas Carol – Jenny’s Admin Tip #46


Surrounded by Salesforce users, looking glum and forlorn, grumpy Administrator Scrooge sat there clicking his mouse. When a kind and mild user approached him requesting information about a particular new feature that would benefit all his team.  Scrooge ‘hissed’ at the thought of providing Salesforce happiness this Christmas – ‘Bah Humbug!’

As a Salesforce Admin, you will often be approached by your users with particular issues like new features, insufficient privilege errors, forgotten passwords and more. They can appear to be endless and overwhelming, especially at this time of year –  Bah Humbug!

Instead of being a Scrooge this Christmas, wouldn’t it be great if you could embrace the change requests, support issues and feature releases? After all, these are the things that help enhance your user’s experience within Salesforce (click here for information on user adoption for new releases).

I understand that keeping up with all the changes/feature releases throughout the year is tricky. The error messages may appear to be constant and declarative automation appears near impossible. However, with 3 releases a year and one just around the corner, Santa may well deliver you a life line. So don’t condemn your users to wonder the org bound in the heavy chains of Salesforce issues. Away with your Bah Humbug, Christmas is a time for looking back at a fantastic year and for giving.

No convinced, well maybe the following will.

Admin of Christmas Past

There have been dark times and possible orgs of joyless Christmas pasts. Where records were unable to be updated when owned by inactive users, where you could only have one schedule in the Process Builder and where limitations of 10 Roll-Up summary fields per object existed. Or how about when Chatter was emoji and rich text free, workflows didn’t come in threes and duplicates records could be created for all to see? Though they were enough to turn any sane Admin into a tight lipped grump, let us not forget that “these were shadows of the things that have been.”

Admin of Christmas Present

With the Spring/Summer 20 releases, your org was transformed into a feature feast for all. Changes small and big transformed your org and made the user experience fun :) , more streamlined with Process Builder and Flow and your dirty data a thing of the past with Duplicate Management. Then came the lavish Winter 20 – DING DONG! Its generosity, goodwill and thoughtfulness for all its Admins and Users meant that; tasks and events became even more powerful with the options to relate multiple contacts to a task with Shared Activities; customers could connect with agents over a two-way video or audio chat with SOS. Then there was the majestic giant of all features – Lightning.

This year has been a sign of what your org could be like every year. So don’t be afraid to share and rejoice in the features that are offered by the robed spirit at present – Salesforce!

Admin of Yet to Come

Users, Admins, Devs and more! There is no need to be afraid of what is yet to come for soon you’ll be showered with features galore! Yup, the ultimate Christmas Prize (and this one is no turkey that’s for sure) from Salesforce – the Spring 21 release is upon us (already, I know!). The release have just been posted and you can view some of the goodies in store in the awesome blog post by Rakesh Gupta, here! You can also see instructions for the here – Spring 16 preview. Be prepared for more changes to come!

While the stress of the unknown can easily consume you,  don’t let that stop you from introducing new features to your users. Just think of the possibilities that the future can provide with amazing features like Lightning, which is only going to get better so seize the opportunity to learn the new UI and more now!

The choice is yours, admin. Whether old or new – embracing change means that you can eventually say bye-bye to those user issues that appear (to you) to be ever-present in your org.

A Merry Christmas, Salesforce Users!

See you in the new year.


By Jenny Bamber
18 December 2015
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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