Salesforce Admins and Marketing Automation – Jenny’s Admin Tip #56


Marketing Automation, specifically within the Salesforce Platform continues to be a hot topic. So much so that Desynit have decided to make it the theme for the next Forcewest UG on the 14th April. Come and join the many others who want to learn about how to unlock your marketing potential and how to get your Salesforce platform automation ready. Which brings me onto this weeks blog.

Now this isn’t a post about why you should turn to MA, oh no. I’m a Salesforce Admin, remember. So what is a Salesforce Admin doing writing about Marketing Automation?

Well if you are one of those who have decided to take the leap to implement MA into your Salesforce organisation then your Salesforce Admin is going to play a key role throughout. It is also important to know, that whether you are a solo Admin (*high five*), or part of a group (*lots of high fives*), you are going to be working very closely with…wait for it….your Marketing Manager. Not so shocking, eh? More important however, is the roles that both will take on throughout the process of MA integration and how you will work together to generate successful and future proof MA for your company. So I thought I’d let you in on just that.

Implementation Process

Requirement Gathering


Marketing Manager will – Agree a robust marketing content and communication plan to deliver on marketing targets, in terms of customers acquisition, nurture and retention.

SF Administrator will – Translate marketing requirements into technical Marketing Automation Tool requirements.

Requirement Analysis

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Marketing Manager will – Document in the form of a budgeted, scheduled campaign based plan. Gotta make sure the numbers add up!

SF Administrator will – Research time. Analysing the technical requirements against the tools on the market that can deliver and that are within budget.



Marketing Manager will – Brief the Salesforce Admin on the infrastructure required to deliver on the plan, via Salesforce and the Marketing Automation tool. Marketing manager will also need to supply the content / collateral at this stage.

SF Administrator will – Admins, time to crack those fingers (or paws) because it time to create and deliver the infrastructure. This includes creating –

  • Campaigns
  • Lead-to-campaign
  • Web-to-lead
  • Automation (Journeys)
  • Page layout amendments.
Adoption / Training


Marketing Manager will – Make sure all marketing activity has Salesforce CRM at the centre; will undertake significant training to monitor and edit existing marketing infrastructure

SF Administrator will – Deliver training to the end users and help to develop best practices that will drive adoption in the marketing department.

Admin Supporting

Marketing Manager will – Modify the marketing approach incrementally and on going, in view of the data described above.

SF Administrator will – Record. Respond. Resolve. If it isn’t working, then your best believe your Support Admin is on top of it for you.

Confused Cat (1)

Marketing Manager will – Regularly consult the relevant dashboards and reports, highlighting what’s working and what’s not.

SF Administrator will – Work with the client to gather information to help create, amend and update reports. Work with Marketing manager to review results and discuss possible performance solutions e.g. How to increase user adoption? What are the main support issues?

You can see how Marketing Automation works for Desynit here. If you want more information about how Salesforce Marketing Automation can work for your business then feel free to pop Shaun Holmes a message 🙂

See you next week.

Meme mad Jenny.

By Jenny Bamber
7 April 2016
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