Salesforce is not just for sales…5 reasons why it’s the perfect platform for your HR

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A guest post from Peter Snow, XCD HR

It would be easy to make the assumption that Salesforce is entirely geared towards sales. Don’t be misled  – Salesforce is the perfect platform to run your HR in 2014. Here are 5 reasons why Salesforce makes for happy Human Resources.

1 Your employees can own it

Remember the bad old days when HR had to nag employees to ensure their details were accurate – and if there were any errors it was HR’s fault? Still living with this frustration? You can now put these dark days behind you thanks to employee self-service powered by the Salesforce platform.

As in pretty much every other area of business, employees can be responsible for their own records (what a novel idea…) freeing HR to focus on more important tasks.

2 One record to rule them all

Spreadsheets had their place, as did filing cabinets full of paper, but in the digital age you need to ensure that records are accurate and instantly accessible. With emails zipping back and forth, keeping track of the latest version of a key HR document, or finding that crucial shred of paper you used to record critical HR information can be a real pain.

Factor in the added pressure of a management request to see that information 5 minutes ago and you can find yourself in a pickle. Salesforce allows you to locate important HR data instantly, with the piece of mind that it is accurate and fully up to date… phew!

3 Automation – it’s a kind of magic..

Fed up of rehashing and sending the same introductory email every time someone joins your company, or having to liaise between employees and managers for each and every leave request? Workflow is integral to Salesforce, meaning you can set up your system to run as desired and hey presto – workflows are triggered by specific events and key HR processes run as if by clockwork with no need for HR intervention.

4 A splendid resort for HR reports

Tired of slaving away for hour upon hour compiling HR reports, only for them to be out of date the moment they reach the bosses desk? At the touch of the button, morning, noon or night, you can have the latest HR reports available in real-time – saving your company real time.

5 Have it your way

HR software has long been notorious for it’s lack or customisation and configurability. Many a brave soul from an IT department aimed to plug this gap, only to be confronted with countless issues when it came to upgrades creating a huge drain on their own time and resources. Rather than bending your company processes and procedures to meet any limitations, the power of Salesforce allows you to mould the platform to meet your HR needs.

So there you have it – the most innovative company in the world for the last 3 years (according to Forbes magazine) and the fastest growing software vendor in the global top 10 for 2014 makes the perfect partner for HR… who would of thunk it!

To learn more about how Salesforce can help liberate your HR department, please visit XCD HR. Alternatively, you can meet CEO Christopher Mitford-Slade, or Business Development Manager, Peter Snow, at the Salesforce1 World Tour in London 22 May.

By Amy Grenham
12 May 2014
SalesforceThe Good Systems Blog

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