The Good Salesforce Admin Manifesto – Jenny’s Admin Tip #40

alejandroescamilla-book 2Good systems change your life  and the Salesforce platform is a great system on which to build your organisation. It is loud and clear though – great technology is only part of the picture. What we know is that behind every SF business success story, there’s a going to be an even greater Admin working hard to keep everybody happily on track. Our Good Salesforce Admins’ Manifesto is for every Admin out there, putting in the time behind the setup menu, to make your systems stronger, better and safer every day.

This is what we believe makes us great admins. This is our manifesto.

Community Makes You Stronger

Community makes you stronger Questions answered, solutions found, meetups, on demand peer expertise; with a community this good, you are never far from the support you need. That’s because every Admin knows that being part of the Salesforce community makes them stronger, and as aresult, it makes the organisation we work for even stronger too.

Wear Your Certs With Pride

Getting your Salesforce Admin Certificate means you are apart of a pretty exclusive club so wear your badge of honour with pride. Not only that but we support and encourage anyone who is yet to gain their certificate, as it’s TOUGH (and some of the best Admins around didn’t pass first time around. True story).


A Heart For Clicks With A Head For Code

While we can almost rule the world with clicks, we know that our secret weapon is to still have a head for code… or in other words a logical, programming mindset. That’s what really makes a good admin brilliant. Clicks and code can coexist, and knowing when to deploy one above the other is our special skill.


The AppExchange Gives You SuperPowers

The AppExchange is one huge store of preconfigured solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had…yet. When you’ve got apps like this on demand, then you can be sure that there is a (power) tool for every tricky situation. Admins know that using the AppExchange wisely gives them superpowers.


Change is Good

Three times a year the seasonal Salesforce winds of change blow strong, and that means one thing: a new release. New features, new functionality, new ways of solving old problems, every Spring, Summer and Winter. Change can be tough, but Salesforce Admins know that this is what keeps their platform a living, breathing place to do business


All Admins Are Craftspeople

Every Admin should be proud of the part they play at their place of work. We are the guardians of the system, the defenders of the data, the upholders of the workflows. In short we are the platform’s craftspeople. We take pride in our work and find beauty in elegant solutions to tricky problems.



See you next week!


alejandroescamilla-book 2
By Jenny Bamber
30 September 2015
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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