The Salesforce AppExchange has had a facelift

Salesforce AppExchange
Have you seen the Salesforce AppExchange recently?

It’s had a radical facelift. With a new look and a new tagline (“The Salesforce Store”), the site is now updated to deliver a more personalized experience. That is to say, when you go in there you’ll be presented with apps that are relevant to you based on your search history and install history, and your customer profile. Search has been improved. Lightning Bolts are now downloadable (small components to install, rather than full fledged apps). Not just that though, also training tool, Trailhead, has been integrated. If you want to get up to speed quickly on using the Salesforce Superstore and what it can offer your organisation, then try this Trailhead Trail.

Does it matter?

Well, yes. In theory you should be able to find what you need more quickly and given that about 90% of Salesforce customers have installed an app from the AppExchange, then that’s a lot of time spent looking for the right solution.

We asked our old friend and ex-Desynit team member, Shaun Holmes of Taskfeed what he thinks of the all new store.

“The AppExchange is part of the reason Salesforce has managed to maintain its unmatched, phenomenal, growth. There are more than 2,000 apps, and collectively these have been downloaded over 5 Million times! The new updates I most enjoy include: recommendations based on previous installs, my location, industry, and profile. I also appreciate the inclusion of components, data sets, and certified consultancies. It is now a much more enjoyable experience to use. Don’t delay – browse the store today; you will not be disappointed.”

Other ways to find the right app

Of course, the other slightly more roundabout way of finding the right app for your requirements is to go along to Dreamforce, Salesforce super-conference, in San Francisco next week and spend your days prowling the Expo, talking to the app vendors and trialling their wares in person.

If that sounds like a lot of work, then don’t worry, we’ve got Gary on the case on your behalf. Every day of the conference Gary will be recommending his ‘App of the Day’ and we will be blogging and emailing it out in our DF17 Daily Digest #DF17daily..

Salesforce AppExchange
By Amy Grenham
2 November 2017
SalesforceThe Good Systems Blog

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