Who you gonna call?

Salesforce Support Options: Who you gonna call?

If there’s something weird
And it don’t look good

It’s nearly Halloween and you may already have pumpkin fatigue. We do.

Our Advanced Salesforce Admin, and author of Jenny’s Admin Tips commented last week that she doesn’t think she’s got the heart to write another ‘Don’t be afraid of Flow’ blog post. And one more subhead along the lines of ‘Who customised this – Dr Frankenstein?’, and we’re going to start losing followers…

That aside, if we were ever going to legitimately reference Ghostbusters, then now is the time. The thing is that Dr Venkman and his team were in the business of taking on the ghoulish problems that caused their customers pain and anguish, sleepless nights and feelings of dread. (Can you see where we are heading with this?) Yes, very much like taking on the complex many-headed beast, that is Salesforce.

And our question to you is, when you are in a scary spot, to quote Ray Parker Jr., who you gonna call?

The good news is that you can stop trembling with fear right now – there really are a lot of options out there.

Salesforce Support Options

    • First stop, try the Salesforce Trailblazer Community. It’s highly likely someone out there has already encountered the same issue that you have, posted the question and crowd-sourced the solution. Search first, and if it’s not there then post your question. Anyone with a Salesforce Login has access.
    • Can’t hang around for 48 hours? Why not try joining one of the Salesforce Office Hours events? Register for the webinar which is right for your (Pardot, CPQ, Marketing Cloud etc) and post your question in the queue. Be prepared to screen share if necessary and also just one question per attendee; but if you can work with that, then this can be a great resource.
    • Want answers to questions around strategy setting and best practice? For customers based in Bristol, our Salesforce ‘Forcewest – Ask the Expert’ breakfast events can be really helpful. Entirely free, come along for a no-obligation chat and we’ll help you with your questions over a coffee and a croissant. Our next event is taking place at Mud Dock on the 29 November and you can register here. Can’t make that one but would like to come to hear about future events? Register on this page to be on the invitation list.


So remember,

If you are all alone
Pick up the phone
And call…


You know the rest.

Happy Halloween!



Photo by Lance Grandahl on Unsplash


Salesforce Support Options: Who you gonna call?
By Amy Grenham
30 October 2018
ForcewestSalesforceThe Good Systems Blog

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