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Salesforce expertise for innovative Energy and Utilities giant OVO Energy

For OVO Energy,
2023 - 2024

In 2019 OVO agreed to acquire SSE’s GB household energy and related services business, which included their customers, operations and employees for energy, telecoms and home services. At the time, the companies currently served almost 5 million customers together.

Fast forward to 2023 and OVO partnered with Desynit to finalise the migration all of those customers onto OVOs Salesforce platform.

At the same time Desynit assisted in delivering several significant enhancements to their Complaints and Workflow Management systems. 

““I highly recommend Desynit, Salesforce specialists who have been invaluable partners to OVO for a number of years” ”
Daryll Cowan, Senior Product Manager, OVO Energy
The challenge

The biggest challenges on the project were responding to the required pace of change, and the massive amount of complexity within the client’s existing architecture.  

This Project would not have been possible without identifying simple solutions that use out-of-the-box Salesforce features.


Process Improvement

Desynit worked with them to restructure over 800 different processes following best practice case principles.

Architectural Governance

Desynit provided architectural governance to manage a highly complicated architecture which involves managing millions of incoming and outgoing messages a day from billing and communications system into the Salesforce platform.  

The solutions

The Salesforce technologies used were Service Cloud and Knowledge Base. We also developed non-Salesforce technologies such as BigQuery, Kafka and Google Data Fusion.

Salesforce products

Marketing Cloud
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud


Platform Events
Lightning Web Components
Lightning Pages
List Views


Energy Billing System
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Cloud Data Fusion

Project features

Vision to Roadmap
Capability Mapping
Process Improvement
Project outcomes

What made the project a success was the motivated team of individuals that had the right experience, worked collaboratively and cared about improving the way OVO interacted with its customers.  

A key success metric gathered by our new features was that the number of Cases raised correctly with all the right information increased by 44% within a week of our new categorisation and case creation flow go-live.

Key team members

“”Desynit’s exceptional talent, dedication, and proficiency in Salesforce solutions have played a pivotal role in the success of our platform overhaul in 2023, delivering genuine value to our business and our customers.””
Daryll Cowan, Senior Product Manager, OVO Energy
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