What Julio does for you at Desynit

Julio has been a certified Salesforce Force.com developer for a number of years. He is also your go-to-guy for trouble-free data integration work and cloud implementations on the Force.com platform. His breadth of experience in a number of different technologies, including Java, means that he has the cross-platform skills and experience to make your IT development project a success.

He is very committed to the Salesforce community as he is one of the organisers of dreamOlé, the community-led dreamin' event in Spain.

How Julio got here

Julio’s background before Desynit was in Java development, previously in the financial services and enterprise asset management industries.

Outside of Desynit

Julio is a keen traveller and big fan of budget airlines, frequently travelling the world and back and forth. He is also a DIY enthusiast who enjoys breaking and fixing everything around him.

He is also, by far, our best dressed team member.

Julio on Desynit

At Desynit, we care about people. We provide the best solutions and support for our clients, knowing the people behind the brands and understanding their needs.

Favourite Quote

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!

Dr. Emmet Brown (Back to the Future)