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Dorian from the Dev Team is back with some thoughts and advice on taking the Salesforce JavaScript Developer 1 certification

Dorian Sutton, July 26, 2021 Read More →

CPQ: Enhance your Quote Line Editor with Custom Scripts

The CPQ Salesforce Revenue Cloud Quote Line Editor is a great tool. In comparison with the standard opportunity line editor, its user interface and the different features that can interact with it can be a game-changer for a sales rep. But, like every single APP, the Salesforce Revenue Cloud Quote Line Editor has its own limitations. And one of...

Pedro Molina, May 12, 2021 Read More →

Salesforce Wire Adapters and LWC Lifecycle

Something that can catch your attention when debugging an LWC with an @wire, is that if you set a breakpoint just after it, the first time that this breakpoint stops, the data will be undefined. And yes, just the first time, because the code will go through this breakpoint again before you can manually interact...

Pedro Molina, May 12, 2021 Read More →

LWC data binding VS Aura data binding

Because most of the LWCs you will create will contain other nested LWCs, it is important to understand how to use data binding to allow the components to communicate with each other. We can summarise this saying that, while in aura data binding was bidirectional, in LWC is unidirectional. This means, for sending information from...

Pedro Molina, February 18, 2020 Read More →