What Simon does for you at Desynit

Simon is a Certified Advanced Salesforce Developer, and all round creative thinker. He has the technical skills and experience to take your systems into the Cloud with Apex and Salesforce.

Also a certified Scrum Master, Simon can be found enabling Agile methodologies in any one of the many varied project teams here at Desynit.

How Simon got here

Simon has a background in developing and integrating complex web services. He can write or rewrite systems in Java, PHP, Javascript or Apex using a number of different frameworks and architectures.

He has his Salesforce Platform Developer 2 and Administrator certificates, as well as some segments from the Technical Architect Program. Not only that but since 2014 Simon has been a member of the select international cohort of Salesforce MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals), awarded for his ongoing contribution to the worldwide developer community.

Simon has a first class computer science degree, specialising in robotics.

Outside of Desynit

Simon is a man of many interests: Land Rovers, heavy metal, home brewing, rock climbing, photography to name a few. He is great at making things and fixing things. If he is not in front of his laptop he is almost certainly building a campfire or fiddling away down in his toolshed.

Simon on Desynit

“I’ve only ever seen myself working for a close knit, friendly company, and never as a cog in the machine, or an anonymous face in the crowd. The experience of that here at Desynit is so strong, it’s almost like working with your best friends.”

Favourite Quote

Smooth seas don’t make skilled sailors.

From a fortune cookie, 2005