Jenny’s Admin Tips

Jenny and Simon show off their medals

Welcome to the Admin vs Developer mini series hosted by yours truly – Simon Lawrence and Jenny Bamber. Simon is a well certified Senior Developer and MVP, who has been programming since he could move his fingers and has 6 years of commercial experience coding Salesforce solutions. He is generally called upon to design...

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Salesforce Field Service Lightning – Jenny’s Admin Tip #76

Tools for Salesforce FSL

So you may have heard the new buzzword – ‘FSL’ making the rounds in the Salesforce Community and have probably been asking yourself what it is. With my knowledge of the feature – Field Service Lightning, I aim to bring you up to date with the key features that Service Users are falling in love...

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Salesforce Field Service Lightning: Allow ME to elaborate – Jenny’s Admin Tip #75

Field Service Lightning became part of our Salesforce vocabulary at Dreamforce14. And for good reasons. It’s bloomin’ brilliant! If Lynn Vojvodich’s – Chief Marketing officer at Salesforce, stella bicycle performance didn’t sell Salesforce’s latest service product to you, then it must have been that colourful demo; Full of promise of faster, smarter and more personalised...

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