Jenny’s Admin Tips

Jenny and Simon blindfolded

To quote John Snow from Game of Thrones – “Winter’s coming”. So what better way to prepare you for Salesforce Winter ’18 than to give you an overview of some of the BEST features you can expect to come across this release. Salesforce Winter 18 Release Features Simon: Hello everyone, I was in Florida last...

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Salesforce Apex, Workflow and Backgammon: Admin Vs Developer Challenge 2

Salesforce Apex Admin vs Dev

When it comes to clicks vs code, there ain’t a field that can’t be automatically updated or record created. This week we share our thoughts about Salesforce automation, focusing on the standard features of Workflow Rules and the complex features of Apex. Furthermore we aim to answer the classic question – when to use these...

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Salesforce Data Loading and Marshmallows – Admin vs Developer Challenge 1

Jenny and Simon show off their medals

Welcome to the Admin vs Developer mini series hosted by yours truly – Simon Lawrence and Jenny Bamber. Simon is a well certified Senior Developer and MVP, who has been programming since he could move his fingers and has 6 years of commercial experience coding Salesforce solutions. He is generally called upon to design...

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Salesforce Field Service Lightning – Jenny’s Admin Tip #76

Tools for Salesforce FSL

So you may have heard the new buzzword – ‘FSL’ making the rounds in the Salesforce Community and have probably been asking yourself what it is. With my knowledge of the feature – Field Service Lightning, I aim to bring you up to date with the key features that Service Users are falling in love...

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Salesforce Field Service Lightning: Allow ME to elaborate – Jenny’s Admin Tip #75

Field Service Lightning became part of our Salesforce vocabulary at Dreamforce14. And for good reasons. It’s bloomin’ brilliant! If Lynn Vojvodich’s – Chief Marketing officer at Salesforce, stella bicycle performance didn’t sell Salesforce’s latest service product to you, then it must have been that colourful demo; Full of promise of faster, smarter and more personalised...

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